My Theme for 2019: Connection

I try to view New Year’s Day as a typical day of the week, letting it dictate my schedule no more than my average workflow. To truly process the changes and journey from then to now requires more than a day. After all, I have 365 days to be thankful for; an entire year of growth and learning, an entire year of new friends, and another year of fortune.

So here we are, on the seventh day of the New Year, with my thoughts now (mostly) aligned.

Resolutions seem like the remedy to a problem. I like to look at my life more like a work-in-progress. Every day I work toward self-improvement and growth, a habit that will hopefully never end. A resolution feels too firm for me, so instead, I chose theme.

My theme for 2019: connection.

Connection is simple: forging genuine and lasting impressions with those around you.

For me, this means honing my listening skills. It means working on my nonverbal body language. It means reaching outside of my comfort zone to expand my network. It means reconnecting with old acquaintances, even when it means admitting you were wrong.

Every year I grow wiser, stronger, and kinder. I swore it would never happen, yet here I am, reminiscing on the person I was in my childhood years. I could have guaranteed you that my opinions, ideas, and stances would have never changed. My path was determined and inevitable.

Yet here I am, on a polar opposite journey from the “plan,” and loving every minute of it. I often wonder about the peers I grew up with: how have they changed? What kind of person have you become?

So here’s to 2019 and the memories it will hold, the lessons it will teach, and the change it will bring.


To anyone I’ve met before: if we haven’t talked recently, please reach out. I’d love to reconnect!

To anyone I might one day meet: may our first impressions exceed expectations!

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