Quality control – why it’s affecting leads

These are so many components to successful content posting. Will it make sense? Does it enhance the caption? Are there copyright restrictions?

One of many companies featuring dogs with overgrown nails.

There is a single consistent area that I see companies missing on their platforms: quality control. A common example I run across is posts like the one featured above, seemingly innocent at first. However, any professional would immediately notice the overgrown nails and recall countless injuries from hooked dewclaws – instantly discrediting whatever message you were sharing.

A similar case of overgrown nails.

While this may seem like a small detail, it represents a larger problem. Every post you make is a direct reflection of your company. What would a post like this suggest about your attention to detail?

The organization responsible for this post caters to veterinary professionals, the level of consumer most likely to criticize this post! A fashion magazine wouldn’t leave a stained bra strap in one of their photos – it is the antithesis of their brand image. This same concept is why veterinary professionals should be mindful of their subject’s appearance, as it represents their health. Are their eyes clean? Are their coats brushed? Are their nails maintained? This one angle, this single image, is the only indication they have; is it appropriate representation?

Making a checklist before publishing graphics helps maintain quality control in your posts! Consistency is key when developing your social media presence. Begin by identifying the most common mishaps in your field – create a standard for all future posts to follow. While it may seem silly or redundant, catching even one post before publishing can save your company a PR crisis!

Looking to outsource your social media efforts? Try hiring a company familiar with your industry! Professionals who have worked in your field will be more likely to catch mistakes that a less knowledgeable manager might miss.

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